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activforce 2

Digital Dynamometer + Inclinometer

Activforce 2 is a strength measuring platform that gives you accurate data and allows you to quantify improvements. A digital dynamometer and an inclinometer in one!

It is used by a growing number of physical therapists for accurate, reliable, and measurable testing of strength and range of motion, which can be analyzed over time.

Quantifies progress

  • Measures progress of strength and range of motion over time
  • Generates PDF reports for evaluation and follow-up purposes
  • Allows you to train muscles and nerves to improve neuromuscular control

Measures accurately

  • Performs accurate measurements of both force and range of motion
  • Average force of movement, force time and force-to-weight ratio
  • Measures active and passive range of motion


  • Highly cost-effective dynamometry solution
  • Generates accurate and conclusive data to increase patient engagement with a prescribed care plan
  • Measures range of motion via built-in inclinometer

Digital dynamometer and inclinometer in one device

Accurately measures active and passive range of motion
Accurately measures peak and average force
Evaluates any muscle group
Measures the progress of range of motion and strength

accurate data and complete reports

Activforce 2 eliminates the subjectivity of manual strength and range of motion assessment. It provides accurate, real-time data for goal assessment from the first session through successful recovery.


Offers an efficient way to collect patient data, increasing treatment effectiveness. At the end of each session, a PDF report is generated for evaluation and follow-up purposes.

app activforce 2

The free Activforce 2 app gives you assessment protocols for all major joints. Collect objective data to monitor the joint health of your patients.

accessories included

rounded pad

arched pad

belt loop plate

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