Aerobis develops innovative and functional fitness equipment that trains strength, endurance, and muscle coordination.

Get to know the different Aerobis products that will help you collect your training data and compare your performance. Train anywhere, at any time!


For measurable fitness training!

The new Powrlink sensor enables fitness training to be measurable — it collects training data and allows visualization and comparison with previous performances. It is installed between the wrist and the suspension point of the fitness equipment. The records are constant and can be watched live on your IOS or Android device.



More than just an everyday suspension training device!


Due to its integrated deflection pulley, it becomes unstable and makes rotational exercises possible.


With just one click, the carabiner opens and allows you to add new accessories or perform exercises with counterweights.


It is a versatile training platform that can be used in sports facilities, rehabilitation clinics, or even at home.



The progressive resistance allows eccentric and static strength work, making it an indispensable system for maximizing strength training.


The bands are clearer, smaller, and stronger than other solutions. They are made of polyurethane, not latex, which makes them antibacterial.


They are easy to clean, suitable for allergy sufferers, and are very durable.


Sandbags for weight training


BlackPack Esy sandbags are characterized by their versatility, regardless of size. The material used to fill the bag and the weight used is left to the user’s preference.


Due to the internal seams, the outer surface is very smooth, which increases comfort in exercises where the bag is resting on the shoulder or arms. The handles are REACH certified, which guarantees greater softness. However, it is also possible to grip the bag directly.

Weight Vest

Unisex weight vest that can be filled with weight from 5 to 25kg. Thanks to the six Velcro pockets, it can be easily loaded and unloaded in seconds. The surface is very hygienic, as the fabric does not accumulate sweat and allows for easy cleaning.


High quality for functional strength and endurance training

Blackthorn ropes are high-quality equipment for functional strength and resistance training. The ropes are available in different lengths and diameters. While normal training ropes are usually made of nylon or linen, Blackthorn Battle Ropes are made of polyester, making them 35% heavier. A special fiber interlacing technique ensures flexibility in wave characteristics and optimum resilience.


With Aerobis, the sky is the limit!

The versatility of training with the Revvll infinity rope is almost unparalleled. Depending on its position and the height at which it is mounted, different pulling, pushing or rotating movements can be achieved that leave no muscle behind. The adjustable resistance allows you to change according to your training goal, switching smoothly between maximum strength and endurance. The high tension time in combination with unmatched freedom of movement results in excellent upper body training in a short period of time.


Structure for space optimization



It is easy to integrate and install in any space. The various attachment parts and optional accessories allow you to customize each system to meet the requirements of a functional training space. Available as stand-alone or wall-mounted solutions.


It is also possible to customize ceiling mount versions upon request. The Verso360 Tower can be ordered as a free-standing or as a wall solution. Each leg has an integrated suspension point for Blackthorn Battle Ropes.


The Verso360 Tower allows a complete workout for up to four people. It allows quick and easy height adjustment as well as secure suspension of the Revvll ropes. The double rotation suspension allows the full range of motion to be achieved during the workout.